ICTSG is the international platform established for the safeguarding and promotion of traditional and indigenous sports in the world.

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games or ICTSG shall act as an international organization aiming to serve as an international platform for the preservation, promotion and development of traditional sport and games (TSG) at the global level and play an integral part in socio-economic development, cultural heritage promotion, environmental sustainability, healthy lifestyle and a peace-building process.

Its core objectives are, inter-alia, to help all concerned and interested governmental and non-governmental national, regional and international organizations in the harmonization and coordination of efforts and capacity in view of providing guidance, counseling and to sustain initiatives and programmes that pertain to traditional sports and games for policy-makers, stakeholders and other concerned parties.

In consequence, its key functions are to ensure priority towards advocacy and raising awareness about the challenges and plights that demand decisions, actions and tangible measures in different geographical, cultural and educational contexts. This will help share know-how, knowledge, information and data related to TSG at different levels of incentive and normative needs or initiatives that can contribute to improve the development and promotion of TSG at local, national, regional and international levels.

The ICTSG further aims to undertake endeavours advocating and raising awareness in relation to the cultural diversity and respect of cultural identity within the context of new issues and challenges in a globalized world, where values, knowledge, skills and behaviour are in constant change.

For more details please read the Statutes.

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