Mr. Joel Bouzou OLY, President of Peace and Sport and World Olympians Association joined the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) as Ambassador-at-Large after his appointment by President ICTSG Mr. Khalil Ahmed Khan on 14th October 2019.

Mr. Joel Bouzou is a former French athlete and the Founder and President of Peace and Sport, President of World Olympians Association and the Ambassador-at-Large of the ICTSG. He holds a Diploma in Sports Law and Economics from the University of Limoges. He is also the Advisor of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Administrator of the A.S. Monaco Football Club and Member of the IOC Sport and Active Society Commission. 

Mr. Bouzou has been awarded the Legion of Honour (the highest decoration in France) and the National Order of Merit. He has also been decorated with the French ‘Médaille d’Or de la Jeunesse et des Sports’ (‘Gold Medal for Youth and Sports’).

In his letter Mr. Khan said "I am confident that your tremendous experience and input as well as our mutual bilateral cooperation for the safeguarding and promotion of traditional and indigenous sports and games around the world will achieve great results in the future."

Mr. Bouzou thanked the President for placing his trust and for providing a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the safeguarding and promotion of traditional sports and games that are part of humanity's intangible heritage.

Joel Bouzou OLY (right) with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (left) and Prince Albert II of Monaco (centre) in Moscow

He further mentioned that As President of Peace and Sport and of the World Olympians Association, I stand ready to put my long-lasting experience on the use of sport as tool for social development and inclusion, to contribute to the empowerment of communities and the promotion of equity among all people through traditional sports and games.