The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) and its President Khalil Ahmed Khan wish the entire traditional sports and games community a very happy and prosperous New Year of 2023 ahead.

In a message addressed to the TSG community President Khan invited all stakeholders to cooperate together with the ICTSG in order to work towards the preservation and promotion of TSG. He further highlighted that TSG gives people a safe platform to express themselves verbally, in a rational and constructive manner. It provides the tools needed to achieve their goals and to find solutions to difficult problems. TSG can be used as an organizational tool, a communication device or simply as a recreational occupation that enhances social and emotional well-being creating a wonderful rational richness.

President Khan also mentioned, "I feel pleasure in inviting you to join us in ICTSG's mission to safeguard cultural traditions and to respect and uphold these valuable practices and contribute to the preservation of cultural diversity and identity."

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games aims to organize international and regional traditional sports and games festivals in the year of 2023 along with the annual World Ministerial Roundtable Conference on TSG to be held on the occasion of the International Day of Traditional Sports and Games in the month of August 2023.